Swedes in Canada

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: A comprehensive history book about Swedish people in Canada

The fall 2014 publication of my book, Swedes in Canada: Invisible Immigrants, did not happen, but I have been told by University of Toronto Press that it WILL happen in the spring of 2015. The tentative date is scheduled for April 2015. This time it sounds pretty positive. I have just finished commenting on the edit, which was extensive, and this is a good sign. Whatever comes next is going to be the final product.

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Elinor Berglund Barr

  • Researcher and Writer for current project
  • Author of several published books on the History of Swedish/Canadian People.

Dr. Ernie Epp

  • Co-Director of Lakehead Social History Institute in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada
  • Associate Professor in the Department of History at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Donald W. Sjöberg

  • National Co-ordinator for fundraising