Swedes in Canada

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: A comprehensive history book about Swedish people in Canada

The University of Toronto Press has OK'd the title Swedes in Canada: Invisible Immigrants for my forthcoming book, and has asked for information for their spring catalogue. So it looks as though the book will be available in the spring of 2014. Hooray! Check this spot for regular updates.

Publications Available for Order


NEWDemographic Study of Canada's Nordic People, published by Dr. Ernie Epp. ($19.95 Canadian Funds plus shipping and handling). View the details (opens in new broswer window).

The Scandinavian Home Society 1923-1993: A Place to Meet, A Place to Eat, published by the Society in Thunder Bay in 1996 ($17.00 Canadian Funds plus shipping and handling).

The Swedish Experience in Canada: A Preliminary Annotated Bibliography of Selected English Language Books and Articles, published in 1991 by the Emigrant Institute in Sweden ($15.00 Canadian Funds plus shipping and handling).

"Our Nordic Legacy", a one-hour TV tribute to the cultural contribution of Nordic people to Northwestern Ontario, co-produced by Thunder Bay Television and Jim Hyder Productions in honour of the Nordic World Ski Championships held in Thunder Bay 9-19 March 1995 ($25.00 Canadian Funds plus shipping and handling).

Articles/Papers are free of charge. The only fees would include photcopying, shipping and handling. View the papers available.

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