Swedes in Canada

Målsättning: en omfattande historik över Canadas svenska befolkning

The fall 2014 publication of my book, Swedes in Canada: Invisible Immigrants, did not happen, but I have been told by University of Toronto Press that it WILL happen in the spring of 2015. The tentative date is scheduled for April 2015. This time it sounds pretty positive. I have just finished commenting on the edit, which was extensive, and this is a good sign. Whatever comes next is going to be the final product.


I very strongly support Elinor Barr's plans for research about the history of the Swedes in Canada. Being myself an emigration scholar who the last fifteen years have devoted much time to the study of the Swedes in Canada, I have met Mrs. Barr's earlier research and am very impressed of it. This makes me to consider her ability to succeed with this new project being really great. - Dr. Lars Ljungmark, Docent in History, University of Göteborg. Retired, author of Svenskarna i Winnipeg, published by Emigrantinstitutets Vänner, Växjö, Sweden.

You're just the person to undertake such a project. You're an indefatigable, energetic, competent person with a vision of what can and ought to be. You're methodical, you do things right. - Irene Howard, author of Vancouver's Svenskar.

A determined and diligent historical researcher and writer ... I know Elinor will do us proud in carrying out research on the Swedish experience in Canada. - A. Ernest Epp, Professor of History, Lakehead University.

It would be wonderful with a history of the Swedes in Canada and you would be the right person to research and write it. - Anders Neumueller, editor, Swedish Press.

For years I have wondered why there has not been a book on Swedes in Canada and, learning of Elinor Barr's interest in writing such a book, decided to lend my wholehearted support to such a project. - Donald Sjoberg, National Fundraising Coordinator, Swedes in Canada project.

It pleases me very much that the documentation of the history of the Swedes involved in the development of Canada is about to be recorded. - Lennart Peterson, Grand Master, Vasa Order of America.

I was very pleased to learn about the project to record Swedish immigration to Canada. It is important not to forget the history of the Swedish community as part of the multicultural Canadian society. Having met Elinor Barr I know of her enthusiasm for the project and wish her the best of luck with this large undertaking. - Lennart Alvin, Ambassador of Sweden to Canada.